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  • 14k yellow gold pave small round onyx, lapis, spiny oyster inlay sweet leaf necklace with pave diamond border 4 diamond chain
  • Japanese lab created opal
  • Handmade in USA
  • Inlay diameter is 28mm
  • Necklace length is 16" + 2" extension
  • Due to the nature of all gemstones, small variations in size, shape and color may occur and may not be exact as image shown
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    Embody the energy of the earth, sky and sea with Spiny Oyster
    Spiny Oyster aligns you with all of Mother Nature's elements: water, fire, earth and air. In connecting to the greater world around you, comes a new sense of understanding for how the Universe works…Your priorities will shift as your focus turns to finding joy in the present moment. Wrap up in the power of patience, understanding and inner peace.

    Properties: Peace, Understanding, Connection
    Element: All
    Chakras: Sacral, Throat, Third Eye
    Zodiac: Libra
    Live fearlessly with the power of Onyx..
    Onyx assists in developing the physical and mental strength needed to overcome fear and anxiety. Release emotional pain that has built up over the years and free yourself from insecurity. In the presence of this striking stone, healthier thought patterns will take root in your mind and you will make decisions with confidence. You are an unstoppable force. Protect your energy and everything will shift for the better.

    Properties: Protection, Strength, Grounding
    Element - Earth
    Chakras - Root
    Zodiac - Gemini, Leo