About Jacquie Aiche - Fine Jewelry

Jacquie Aiche is made with love in Los Angeles, California.

Each piece of jewelry is designed with the intention of empowering women. Using hand-selected minerals and crystals that inspire feelings of love and beauty, Jacquie Aiche pieces are more than just fine jewelry; they are incredibly personal and sacred amulets.

“I was working in a boutique and found it hard to find jewelry that I connected with. There’s something ethereal in the way that jewelry can make women feel… it’s like magic. I wanted to create adornments that were sensual and feminine, so I started designing my own jewelry and selling it anonymously. When I saw the way women responded, I knew this was what I was meant to do.”

Jacquie Aiche has always had a very wild and spiritual nature. Her signature body chains and finger bracelets bring a sense of much needed sensuality to the often-conservative world of high-end jewelry. When you buy a Jacquie Aiche creation, you become a part of the JA tribe. It’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship that grows in layers and years. When Jacquie designs, everything is based on feeling and intuition. The gemstones she works with carry special properties that can provide inner healing and happiness. And it's so much more than meets the eye… Each piece is a talisman of energy to give women whatever they need - whether that's calm and clarity, or love and confidence.

Jacquie Aiche is for women who adore to be adorned. Lovers of good vibes, the energy of minerals, and layers of diamonds and gold, of course.