$ 1,750

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14k yellow gold 4 large beads on chrysocolla beaded stretch bracelet with JA diamond eye burst tag

  • Handmade in USA
  • Bracelet length is 8"
  • Due to the nature of all gemstones, small variations in size, shape and color may occur and may not be exact as image shown
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    Energize the mind with Chrysocolla
    Open your mind to the truth of your heart with Chrysocolla. This earthy gemstone re-energizes the chakras and enhances communication. Your words have the power to inspire those around you - the way you speak to your tribe, your lover and yourself matters. Be aware of the power you hold and be intentional with the magic you bring into the world. Chrysocolla fills the soul with a new zest for life and makes every day feel like the best one yet.

    Properties: Communication, Power, Influence
    Element - Water
    Chakras - Heart, Throat, Crown
    Zodiac - Gemini, Virgo, Taurus