“Everything about this campaign felt very spiritual to me. Each piece was designed with the intention to heal and bring balance. I think of this collection as a guide for my tribe, to help them focus on areas within that need a little extra love. The 7 chakras keep the mind, body and soul energized and grounded...all with their own vibrational frequency that regulates our physical and emotional wellbeing. Each gemstone is connected to a specific chakra and can restore you in a unique way. I’ll always love designing jewelry that makes women feel beautiful, but this collection is about so much more than beauty. It is about self-love and personal healing. Shanina is a goddess to work with - she has a radiant energy that glows even brighter when she's adorned in jewels. As soon as I had the idea for the campaign, I just knew she would be the perfect muse to breathe life into each look.”

jacquie aiche


How does Jacquie Aiche jewelry make you feel?  
Bright, happy and luxurious.

Which look from the campaign spoke to your personal style?
The diamonds and gold look.
With Jacquie Aiche jewelry, you never feel like you’re going overboard - even when it’s layers of diamonds and gold! I really enjoy wearing the diamond body chains.

What are your essential everyday pieces... the layers you live in?
I love a simple necklace, bracelet and small hoop earrings. 



Rose gold or yellow gold? 
At this moment, I’m loving yellow gold.

Who are your personal style icons?
Rihanna & Rosie Huntington Whitley

What words do you live by?
Always believe in yourself and know your worth.