"Jacquie and her team are really like family to me…the experience is so organic, and honestly I just wanted to hang out, take amazing pictures again and wear the incredible jewelry. Who doesn’t want to do that!"


In your opinion, what makes the brand so special?
When I go into the showroom, everyone is always hanging out, laughing & having a genuine good time. It’s a really great, creative vibe happening. I never want to leave. I think Jacquie surrounds herself with awesome people, and she’s so special, so obviously the brand is going to be. It’s an energy, the brand has this free spirit.

How has life and fashion changed for you since becoming a mom?
(Becoming a mother) changed everything and also nothing at all! It is such a special, blessed journey to be on. Being a parent is probably the most challenging and most rewarding thing I’ve ever accomplished. Life has definitely changed for the better…my fashion has stayed the same - still in my jeans, t-shirts, and slip dresses.

Which look from the campaign spoke to your personal style?
I really loved the shot in bed - the hat, the jacket, and high waisted undies. Very me, I felt right at home.


How does jewelry make you feel?
I LOVE JEWELLERY, it makes me feel good, even if I only have something small on. Jewellery is a language, you can tell a lot from what people wear and how much they wear it. It makes an outfit even if it’s a puka shell necklace lol (I owned several back in the day)

What’s your essential every day jewelry?
I live in an ankle bracelet, toe ring, and love a good necklace. I basically live in my Elizabeth necklace I got a few years ago.