"I love how it makes me feel, both when I see it and when I wear it. Her jewelry just speaks to me. It's all so raw, it's like you can feel the earth in her pieces." - Behati Prinsloo


How did you and Jacquie Aiche first meet?
On a dating site, hahaha just kidding. I met her at her LA showroom in this beautiful space with the best energy. I think she gave me a beer and we sat outside and talked for a while, before i went in and died because I wanted every piece, haha. Stylists I've worked with in the past and girls I know had a lot of her jewelry, so i had to meet her.

How did you decide to work on the project together?
She emailed me, told me about the concept, asked me if I was interested, and I was like ummmmmm HELL yeah.

Any specific way you like to personally style it?
I learned a lot about layering on the shoot haha, thats all I can say.

Who are your personal style icons?
A lot of different people and places inspire me. I love the 90s. Right now I'll say my style icon is Rihanna.


What was the process like, working with Jacquie Aiche on her new campaign shoot?
It was great, I’ve worked with Naj before and I love him so that was cool. Everyone that day was so amazing and chill, we had a great time. I love how organic everything felt. the process was very effortless, we all knew what needed to be done. Everyone helped bringing it to life. Jacquie really knows what the wants, she has an amazing hands-on vibe.

What do you love most about wearing Jacquie Aiche jewelry?
I love how it makes me feel, both when I see it and when wear it. Her jewelry just speaks to me. It’s all so raw, it’s like you can feel the earth in her pieces.

Any fun moments or stories from the photoshoot you’d like to share?
We just had a great day together, I LOVED seeing all the new pieces up close. There were times when I would forget we were working haha and just try everything on and play.

What was the styling & shoot process like with Naj and the Bartoli sisters?
Naj was great and takes beautiful pictures. The bartoli girls are super fun and have great style. They had all these vintages pieces that I loved. We have similar style I think, so it all really worked out.