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Crystals harness the elements of the Earth to move, absorb, focus, and direct energy within the body. Whether you're seeking to manifest intentions, release negative energies, or cultivate a balanced spirit, each sacred stone holds special properties that will guide you on your journey.

The VOLER love pouch was created to encapsulate just that. Now you can carry the precious stones your body needs in an adornment equally as special as the crystals it carries. Each unique talisman is handmade in Jaipur, India by a team of 10 artisans, and not a single aspect of this process is mechanized.

When you purchase your VOLER crystal pouch 30% of the proceeds will go to Donors Choose, supporting children’s education nationwide. You will receive a code so you can personally choose the project to which you would like to allocate your donation. To learn more about DonorsChoose please visit www.donorschoose.org

The VOLER pouch was created by Grace Harry and Jacquie Aiche with the intention of spreading love and beauty throughout the world through their shared adoration for crystal healing.
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Crystals and gems have been used for thousands of years to enhance emotional,
physical and spiritual well being. Crystals work through the vibration of the chakras
having their own unique energy, which helps to bring balance
to your mind, body and soul.
Lapis LazuliTeaches compassion
and spiritual love.
AquamarineEncourages being true to the self,
trusting in the universe
and letting go.
TurquoiseAssists in communicating truth and
articulating inner wisdom.
ChrysopraseAttracts new love and
abundance on all levels.
LabradoriteDevelops spiritual power
and psychic awareness.
AmethystEnhances intuition, spirituality
and meditation.
Rose QuartzRaises self-esteem and
teaches us to love to ourselves.
Clear QuartzDevelops spirituality and
connection to The Universe.
CitrineAttracts abundance,
prosperity and success.
Rutilated QuartzEncourages taking action
and getting things done.
PyriteDefends against negative energies,
environmental pollutants,
and physical harm.
AmmoniteAttracts prosperity and
nourishes the life force within.