Ruby vs Pink Sapphire: Which One to Choose?

Ruby vs Pink Sapphire: Which One to Choose?

Have you ever been captivated by a fiery red gemstone radiating passion and power? Or perhaps you're drawn to the soft elegance of a pink beauty, whispering romance and serenity. Both rubies and pink sapphires hold a timeless allure, but choosing between these dazzling stones can be a delightful dilemma. They share a lineage as precious corundums, yet their hues ignite distinct desires. So, do you embrace a ruby's bold fire or a pink sapphire's captivating blush? This guide will unveil the secrets of these gemstones, helping you find the perfect match for your heart's desire.


Rubies and pink sapphires share a fiery origin story. These precious stones are a variety of minerals called corundum, formed under incredible heat and pressure deep within the Earth. Imagine molten rock under unimaginable temperatures, slowly crystallizing over millions of years. This intense process gives rubies and pink sapphires exceptional hardness, making them some of the toughest gemstones.

While their birthplace might be similar, their journey to the surface reveals a global adventure. You can find rubies in places like Myanmar (formerly Burma), famous for its prized "pigeon blood" stones, and Thailand, which have been treasured for centuries to create stunning ruby jewelry. Meanwhile, pink sapphires hail from locations like Sri Lanka, a historical source for these delicate beauties, and Madagascar, where recent discoveries have yielded captivating pink hues to craft beautiful sapphire jewelry.


Rubies have long held a fiery allure, symbolizing passionate desire and unwavering devotion. Their vibrant blood red has adorned royalty for centuries, whispering tales of power, love, and strength. Legends speak of them boosting energy, igniting passion, and fueling a zest for life.
Pink sapphire belongs to a category that offers a softer melody. Their delicate blush is often linked to wisdom and romance and speaks of emotional well-being, compassion, and inner peace. Across cultures, these gems hold diverse meanings. Some see them as symbols of innocence and purity, while others view them as emblems of blossoming love and fresh starts. Still, others associate pink sapphires with good fortune and gentle guidance.

Physical Properties

Both ruby and pink sapphire share a secret weapon: their incredible physical properties, inherited from the mineral corundum. This shared lineage translates to exceptional durability, making them ideal for everyday wear. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, both gems boast a remarkable 9, second only to diamonds. Imagine that! Daily bumps and scratches won't faze these rugged beauties. Their brilliance and ability to throw back light testify to their shared corundum core. When expertly cut, rubies and pink sapphires come alive with a dazzling display of fire, a mesmerizing play of light that dances across their facets. Their properties make them ideal for creating beautiful gemstone diamond necklaces, diamond rings, and diamond earrings.

Color Differentiation

Unveiling the stunning colors of these gems is like diving into a world of vibrant hues! Here's a breakdown of what makes them unique:

Ruby's Red Reign

The fiery heart of a ruby lies in chromium. This element paints the corundum a spectrum of reds, the most coveted being "pigeon blood red" – a deep, saturated red with a subtle hint of purple and blue. Other rubies may lean towards orange or a purplish red, but the key is the dominance of hot red. The gem steps out of ruby territory if different colors take center stage.

Pink Sapphire's Delicate Palette

For pink sapphires, the story unfolds with a gentler touch. Trace elements like iron and titanium impurities come into play, creating a mesmerizing range of light pink hues. Imagine the softest blush to a captivating magenta or hot pink! The lighter the pink and the less intense the color, the further the sapphire gemstones veer from ruby territory.

The All-Important Distinction

The line between a ruby stone and a pink sapphire can be subtle. It all boils down to the dominance of red. If red takes the spotlight, it's a ruby. If other colors like pink or orange become more prominent, it's a pink sapphire. This distinction often relies on the expertise of a trained gemologist.


These colored gemstones have captivated hearts for centuries. Rubies hold a classic and prestigious air. Their rich history and vibrant color have cemented their place as precious gemstones. In recent years, however, pink sapphires have grown in popularity. Their unique and romantic hues offer a softer elegance, making them a favorite for contemporary jewelry designs. Whether you crave the timeless allure of a ruby or the modern romance of pink sapphire, both gems offer undeniable beauty and enduring appeal.


The allure of these precious gemstones intensifies when you consider their rarity. Both rubies and pink sapphires can be uncommon, especially in larger sizes and exceptional quality. Factors like color saturation, clarity, and cut all affect how rare (and valuable) a particular stone is. Here's a surprising twist: some intensely colored pink sapphires, particularly vibrant or vivid hues, can be rarer than certain ruby shades. So, the hunt for the perfect gemstone becomes a thrilling treasure hunt, where rarity adds another layer of intrigue to your choice.

Price Differences

Rarity plays a vital role in a gemstone's price tag. Generally, rubies tend to be more expensive than pink sapphires, particularly the coveted "pigeon blood" variety. These top-quality rubies fetch a premium due to their exceptional rarity and vibrant color. However, the price equation is sometimes balanced. Exceptionally vivid pink sapphires with intense color saturation can rival ruby prices. While rubies are priced higher, the cost may depend on the individual characteristics of each gemstone. Factors like clarity, cut, and size all influence the final price. Also, the type of jewelry, like gemstone rings and gem necklaces, influences the price. You can get quality gemstone jewelry like body chains, ruby rings, and more at Jacquie Aiche Jewelry.

Benefits of Ruby and Pink Sapphire

Many cultures have associated gemstones with positive influences. Here's a glimpse into the symbolism surrounding these gems:

Ruby's Fiery Influence

  • Passion: The fiery red hue will ignite passion, love, and a zest for life.
  • Confidence: Wearing a ruby is said to boost self-assurance and inner strength.
  • Vitality: Ruby is associated with increased energy and a sense of vitality.

Pink Sapphire's Gentle Touch

  • Love and Compassion: The soft pink hue is associated with love, emotional well-being, and compassion.
  • Spiritual Connection: Some believe pink sapphires can deepen spiritual awareness and connection.
  • Guidance and Wisdom: Pink sapphires correlate to intuition, inner wisdom, and gentle guidance.

These are cultural beliefs, and the true beauty lies in the personal meaning you imbue your gemstone with. Whether you see it as a symbol of passion or a source of inner peace, both rubies and pink sapphires can be stunning adornments that speak to your unique story.


The beauty of rubies and pink sapphires lies in their ability to resonate with your unique personality. Does the vibrant red of a ruby ignite your spirit, or do you find solace in the soft elegance of a pink sapphire? Trust your intuition and choose the gemstone that whispers to your heart. Let your perfect ruby or pink sapphire become a cherished companion, a dazzling reflection of your inner light.

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