"When you concentrate on the core of who you are, and the true blessings you've been given, finding your inner joy and peace comes easy."

It was this simple yet impactful concept that inspired Jacquie and revered spiritual mystic Sylvain, to create Blesslev; A stunning collection of jewelry, rooted in the belief of the protective healing powers of amulets. This is a universal concept that transcends the border of religions. Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam all covet the belief that the powers of joy, protection and healing can be encapsulated within wearable blessed objects. These amulets imbue the wearer with the spirit of the goddess.

The key to their power is gratitude - each amulet contains a Gratitude List that the wearer completes for themselves, as well as a Kabbalistic mantra (Na Nach Nachman Meouman). More than just beautiful jewelry, Blesslev Amulets are the inner representation of spiritual thought.