Ruby Jewelry

Ruby attracts love and heightens intimacy. This beautiful and sensual crystal won’t just ignite a new flame, it will keep the romance burning forevermore…This energizing stone is a powerhouse of passion. Wrap up in its power and your heart chakra will attract divine love and healing.

Properties: Intimacy, Love, Passion
Element - Fire
Chakras - Heart, Root, Sacral
Zodiac - Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Product type
Minerals & Gemstones

Ruby Jewelry: Symbolizes Love and Commitment

The allure of a Ruby is undeniable. With its deep red hue, this vibrant gemstone is more than just a visual treat; it stands as a beacon of love and commitment. When you choose Jacquie Aiche's Ruby jewelry, you are not just selecting a piece of adornment; you're embracing a symbol that resonates deeply with the very essence of love.

Every Ruby necklace in our thoughtfully curated collection ensures each stone reflects an unmatched radiance. The lustrous charm of our Ruby necklaces can make any moment unforgettable, infusing it with passion and dedication. Beyond its beauty, the Ruby is an energizing crystal intertwined with the heart chakra, ensuring that love isn't just attracted but is nurtured and sustained. Dive deep into divine love and healing with our Ruby jewelry collection.