“I love strong women. Women with opinions and who aren't afraid to speak up. And there is nothing better than a women who can make you laugh.”


You’ve worked with the JA tribe a couple times now, what do you love most about the brand?
First of all the jewelry is stunning. I love how there are so many natural and organic elements incorporated into each piece. It is the perfect line for the bohemian luxe girl. But even nicer than the jewelry are the ladies of the tribe. Such an amazing group of strong and creative spirits.

Your career has just exploded over the last few years, how does it feel? Is there anything you would credit this to?
I have been working my ass off the past few years. Traveling nonstop, shooting every day, a true hustle. There is no better feeling than seeing all that time and energy turn into  a successful career. Hard work and a focused dream really do pay off. 

How do you prep for a shoot?
Lots of water and sleep. It's pretty basic, but being well rested is key. 

Are you a yellow or rose gold girl?
Yellow gold

What gets you off, literally and/or figuratively? 
I love working with other creatives and the feeling when everyone's visions fall together perfectly... And man buns. 

What qualities do you love to see in other women?
I love strong women. Women with opinions and who aren't afraid to speak up. And there is nothing better than a women who can make you laugh.

Tell us about the last adventure you went on?
I am writing this interview at the moment from Tulum. I spent the week exploring ruins and cenotes... Tulum might be one of my favorite places in the world! 

What is your idea of the perfect day? 
A perfect day would be yoga, followed by brunch, rose on the beach, a nap with a cuddle buddy, happy hour with my best girlfriends and sugarfish for dinner, and dancing of course! 

What was the process like, working with Jean? Any funny stories from set to share?
I felt bad for Jean. He was the only man surrounded by about 7 girls. He was greatly out numbered. But he was a good sport. I am so happy with how all the shots turned out. He has an amazing eye! 

How did you feel about the clothing the Bartoli’s pulled? What was it like to work with the twins? 
I would say lack of clothing would be more accurate. Haha. For the little clothing I did wear, the Bartolis were amazing at creating a cool factor and everything I wore left the jewelry at center stage. Hope I get a chance to work with them again soon! 

Which JA pieces are you obsessed with wearing?
I am literally obsessed with every JA piece, but one day hope to own one of the epic squash blossom necklaces.... They are out of this world beautiful.